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Assisted Living in Sacramento

You are unique, and so is each and every individual that comes to live in our care.    Our professional staff here at Meadows at Country Place is dedicated to meeting each residents specific needs. Below is a small sampling of some of the comments we have received about great work that we have done to improve the lives of our patients. Take a look and see what they have to say about our care!

From Dianna

“The Meadows at Country Place is exactly what the doctor should order for anyone who is thinking of placing their loved one in an assisted-living environment. My 87-year-old father is a resident and is flourishing.

John Cimino, Jr., the proud builder of the beautiful facility, and Rangi Giner, the ultimate nurse, are the wonderful hands-on owners who are in charge of their competent and caring staff. As a bonus, their delicious healthy meals are only outdone by their freshly squeezed juices—which are essential for staying strong.

Again, The Meadows at Country Place is exactly what the doctor should order because I’ve already seen the results—Dad is doing great.”

From the WS Family

“From the moment you step through the front door in the beautiful entry at the Meadows at Country Place you feel at home. All the staff are caring, friendly, and very respectful to all their residents and their families. We are very happy to have our Father at such a comforting place to reside and receive all this wonderful care. Thanks so much to the very hard working staff. You are all amazing!”

From Judi

“I have been extremely pleased with the care that my dad has received at The Meadows. The staff is warm and friendly and they always have a little nugget of information that gives me an idea of how my dad is doing on a daily basis.”

From Elizabeth C.

“Dear John and Rangi,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my dads profound transformation. I had kept my 90-year-old father in assisted living for as long as possible, and he needed so much help when he came to you. Now, after a few weeks in your state-of-the-art facility, with your extremely knowledgeable and compassionate care, he is a new man. He is happy, intelligent, alert, clean and handsome-all over again! I don’t worry anymore, and I have my Dad back, that is truly the best part!”

RB’s Family

“After spending months chasing dead ends and being overwhelmed with the very difficult decision of where our father would be moved to and receive the best long-term care, we are pleased to say that after a very thorough conversation with John and Rangi (owners of The Meadows at Country Place) not only was our decision made easily but our father is VERY happy at his new Assisted Living Facility. He has moved in, made the adjustment and is now thriving in his new environment. There aren’t enough words to describe the peace of mind that this facility and staff have brought to our family, knowing that someone with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field had facilitated our decision in helping us to find the best facility for our father. Not only are family members welcome, but friends are also welcomed just as warmly. It has been a huge comfort to know that everyone is on the same page in continuing to provide the superior care and lifestyle for our father that IS The Meadows at Country Place. Even though occupancy has grown since we first toured the facility, the staff of The Meadows at Country Place is still just as attentive and caring for our father as they were on Day #1.”

From KH

“Dear John and Rangi,
Our loved one is flourishing in your care! Words can’t adequately express just how much our family appreciates the quality, attention and positive interaction that is provided at The Meadows at Country Place. From the moment I visited and spoke with both of you, it was clear that you are both highly dedicated professionals and always have your residents at heart. For those that are seeking to find the right setting, this is the best of the best!”

From EWH

“Rangi and John, I just want to give you my heartfelt thanks for the genuine and excellent service you provided for my Mother, Elizabeth, while she was at The Meadows at Country Place. My brothers and I recognize that The Meadows at Country Place went the extra mile for her care because of her condition. We love the atmosphere and personal touch you created in your facility.”

From MJM

“We are so thankful to have found The Meadows at Country Place for Zeta. She receives excellent care from Rangi and her attentive and well-trained staff, and John’s pleasant personality and his efforts to make her happy often elicits a smile. This is an inviting, beautiful place, and the perfect home for Zeta at this time in her life.”

From Barbara and Roz

“A day does not go by that my sister and I don’t count our blessings that we found The Meadows at Country Place for our parents. Our experience with a previous assisted living facility was adequate until they needed more care and then it became a huge problem, both for their physical and emotional well-being. We were over the moon when we first toured The Meadows at Country Place over a year ago and met John and Rangi. Not only has the level of care and caring been sustained over that time, it has continued to improve as Mom and Dad’s needs have increased. We are fortunate that we can visit as often as every day and spend a lot of time getting to know the staff and other residents. Each and every staff member, every day, is clearly happy to be working at The Meadows at Country Place and are cheerful, treat residents respectfully and skillfully – a testament to John and Rangi’s commitment and love of their chosen profession, or better put, their calling. Rangi is so experienced and completely confident, calling the doctor when necessary but usually more than capable of dealing with all the issues which may arise. The staff every day exceeds our expectations and we are so thankful for The Meadows at Country Place.”

From N and B

“Thank you so much for the care and kindness you gave our mother, and the concern and support you gave Nancy and myself. Your kindness will always be remembered.”

From the GP Family

“Thank you for taking such good care of Fran! We couldn’t hope for better people assisting her everyday!”

From children and grandchildren – K Family

“Thank you for all you did for our father while he was in your care. Each time we came to visit he told us what a nice place it was to live in.
We saw the way each and every one of you treated all the residents with love and respect. You helped to make our father last days comfortable and we truly appreciate that. We hope you will plant this flower in the garden Dad loved, and smile thinking of him as it blooms.”

From the P Family

“Thank you for joining us to say farewell to my Mom and the nice flowers. I’m so glad we were able to get her in The Meadows as it was comforting knowing she was receiving you excellent care. Thanks for all you did”

From G Family

“Thank you very much for the wonderful and loving care you gave our Mom. Your kind and gentle care greatly enhanced her last years.
She was truly blessed to have you be a part of her life. We will always appreciate you.”

From G

“Thank you for making my wife’s birthday such a nice day. I know she enjoyed the surprise cake and decorations. I am glad to see that you got her up and about. That’s not always to easy. Thank you again.”

From K Family

“To the Entire Staff at the Meadows
My family and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for taking such kind and gentle care of our Mom. She truly enjoyed her time here and the entire staff’s kindness and helpful way of taking care of her. We often spoke about the people that helped her and how it helped to know that she could count on each of you for any of her needs. I truly cherish this place and will recommend anyone that needs assisted living care to the Meadows (at Country Place) It truly understands the meaning of compassion and care.
We cannot express our thanks enough for treating our Mom, as your own, with dignity and respect during her time here.”

From O Family

“We were blessed our mother, was in your loving care during her final months as was our father. You gave us strength, hope and comfort which brought peace and harmony to our family. Our loving thanks to each of you who cared for our mother. We appreciate your guidance and support each step of this journey. The staff at the Meadows at Country Place is truly exceptional. May God bless each of you for all the work and loving care you provide each day.”



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