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We may find it easy to attribute memory lapses to stress or getting older, but how does one know what is normal and what is a cause for concern? If someone seems to be struggling with everyday tasks and functions, in a way that they did not previously, it could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, according to the staff at The Meadows at Country Place, an assisted living center in Sacramento with extensive experience in Alzheimer’s care.

A simple memory lapse, like forgetting where you left your keys, is one thing, but forgetting what a key is used for is different. Losing one’s ability to cook a meal, or getting lost in familiar surroundings are more severe memory problems, and reasons to consult a doctor.

Although early detection of the probability of Alzheimer’s can be a difficult, there are other clues that might indicate a need to be checked out as well.

Here are three early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, that may usually be less recognized than memory issues:

• Frequently Falling: In a recent study, over a hundred older adults were asked to keep track of how often they fell or tripped. Researchers found a correlation between falls and the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease based on the brain scans of those who fell most frequently.

• Inability to Recognize Sarcasm: Failure to recognize sarcasm, or taking it very literally and seriously, may be a sign that the part of your brain where you can perceive sarcasm, and where short-term memory is stored, has been affected by a disease such as Alzheimer’s.

• Uncharacteristic Irritability and/or Depression: When someone that’s always been upbeat becomes depressed or your kind and loving loved one starts acting uncharacteristically bitter or angry, it might also be indicative of Alzheimer’s.

Once Alzheimer’s has progressed enough to be clearly evident, then the person with it is in need of assistance to stay safe and maintain a good quality of life. If your loved is in need of Alzheimer’s care at a senior care center, call The Meadows at Country Place to speak to a team member about assisted living and individualized options. Call (916) 706-3949, or visit their website to learn more.