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Alzheimer’s Assistance in Sacramento

Beyond the time and physical effort, there can be so much heartache caring for a loved one in the throes of advanced Alzheimer’s. As the person loses the capacity to remember how to dress, how to eat, and who you are, it can become an emotional challenge to discover what they still retain, and to what they will still be able to respond. Our staff is trained to give effective and compassionate care, so that your loved one experiences the best quality of life possible throughout their days. Let us take on the burden of compassionate 24 hour care, so you can become the care manager, instead of the round-the-clock caregiver.


Alzheimer’s damages and eventually destroys brain cells, leading to memory loss, changes in thinking and behavior. No one knows what causes Alzheimer’s and there is currently no known cure. Once individuals are no longer able to care for themselves, the only thing that can be done for them is to care for them in the most loving and compassionate way. We stand by the family, providing ease on this difficult journey.

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We’re here for you

This isn’t an easy time for anyone in your family, especially you. We know the challenges you’re facing. We’re here to help. It’s our utmost concern that your loved one feel comfortable as their needs are being met.

A variety of resources

A variety of resources are available to you and we recommend learning more about this condition through Alzheimer’s Association. They offer an array of research, support and helpful information.



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