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Parkinson’s Care in Sacramento

Parkinson’s Management – as Parkinson’s disease advances, it becomes more and more difficult to deal with developing complications and continually progressing symptoms. In the later stages of that progression, many people with Parkinson’s have found that because of significant decreases in movement and reaction times, many daily tasks become impossible to accomplish on their own. At this point, attempting to continue living alone is extremely dangerous.  We can help.

Parkinson’s Management

We’ve worked with many patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. We strive to make each day as smooth and meaningful as possible, as we assist as needed with all of the activities of daily living.

For example, as the tremors caused by Parkinson’s become more severe, it becomes much more difficult to feed oneself. Our staff will take all of the time necessary to assist at meals, including feeding. We always treat our residents with utmost compassion and respect, preserving dignity.

Parkinson's Management
Parkinson's couple

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You’re encouraged to learn all you can about your condition to know what to expect and anticipate forthcoming challenges. We recommend you check out National Parkinson Foundation to find out more about Parkinson’s and what you can do to manage it.

National Parkinson Foundation



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