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Learn More About the Cheerful Community Atmosphere at Sacramento's Premier Assisted Living Facility

Are you looking for a cheerful and welcoming assisted living community for your loved ones? The Meadows at Country Place serves clients in the Sacramento, CA, area, and this premier assisted living facility is open to residents who are dealing with all types of physical and intellectual disabilities, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and complications due to a stroke. When you want your loved ones to get the most out of their lives, put your trust in the caring hands of the professionals at this comfortable assisted living center.

assisted livingThe Meadows at Country Place is much more than a board and care facility, and it is even more pleasant in person than its lovely name may suggest. Located in Sacramento’s Pocket-Greenhaven area, the peaceful Lake Greenhaven Park is just a short walk away. The living quarters are welcoming and home-like, keeping the spirits of residents bright and sunny. Additionally, regular activities and games for residents make the community atmosphere inviting and jovial. When you want your loved ones to reside in a relaxing and pleasant environment, make this esteemed assisted living facility your number one choice.

For affordable, dependable, and individualized care for your friends and family members with physical or intellectual disabilities, The Meadows at Country Place is the assisted living facility that they will truly be able to call home. Give them a call at (916) 706-3949 today to speak with a hospitable customer service representative about scheduling a tour of the grounds, and don’t forget to visit them online to find out more information about their many amenities and care services.

Know the Facts Regarding Local Assisted Living Facilities

Idewelcome to our local assisted living facilityally, the time to research available local assisted living facilities is when your loved one is first diagnosed with a debilitating condition such as Alzheimer’s, rather than wait until the need is critical. Unless you check out the options ahead of time, the stress of the situation that brought you to the decision that it is time to move, can become overwhelming. On the surface, it appears that there are so many facilities to choose from. It can be difficult to choose the right facility that will provide local assisted living for your loved one.

How does one get a handle on this seemingly daunting task? We offer these tips to help you gather the facts so that you can evaluate your assisted living choices:

Four Tips to Making a Local Assisted Living Choice

1. Take the Tour – the Quality of Care Matters.

Is the facility clean, in good repair, comfortable, easily maneuvered, cheerful and warm? Observe the people. Do the staff appear clean, attentive, compassionate and professional? Are the residents clean and groomed? Watch for interactions. Are residents treated kindly with dignity and respect? Basic considerations like safety, friendly and happy atmosphere, as well as quality of individual care are observable. They matter.

2. Find Out the Standard of Care.

Most conditions that bring one to an assisted living facility worsen over time and will require more care, not less, as time goes on. An assisted living facility will supply as much assistance as is needed to accomplish all activities of daily living, including: bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, toileting, incontinence, and transferring. It is important to encourage as much independence as much as possible, yet, as time goes on, your loved one’s  needs will increase until they may need all of these done for them. Individual needs may also include other services, such as specialized diet, dementia care and a secure facility. Ask about these considerations and the standard of care.

3. Ask Questions – Get Clear on the Financials.

Choosing the long term care facility for your loved one is serious business. A most important consideration is transparency in pricing. Quoted base prices may seem comparably reasonable, yet may not reflect actual cost as complex or more advanced care is required. Get the pricing clear and in writing. Find out what medicare covers, what the insurance will cover, and what additional costs there may be.

4. Consider Personal Preference.

Beyond the basic considerations, the board and care facility you choose should be based on your loved one’s tastes and personality, not necessarily your own. Ideally, the most appropriate fit is a facility that offers all of the amenities, activities and assistance that suit your loved one, so that they can experience the quality of life afforded by being cared for in a place they feel comfortable enough to call home.

Serving the Greenhaven/Pocket districts in the Sacramento area, we are committed to honoring the highest standards of cleanliness and compassionate care. Our services include dementia care and assistance with daily living. Learn more by calling us (916) 706-3949. Make an appointment to visit and see for yourself what our quality comfort looks like.