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It can be tough for everyone when a relative has to make the transition to a senior care center. The Meadows at Country Place in Sacramento, CA, understands how difficult this transition can be and does their best to make it go as smoothly as possible.

We encourage you, and your family to get to feel comfortable yourself. If you feel more at home, then so may they. You can do this by spending some extra time with your loved one at the senior care home. You can also help add to the familiarity of their room as we set it up, so that it feels more like home. We are here and ready to help the entire family make the change.


Whether it’s going for a walk around campus or spending time with them over a cup of tea, there are innumerable ways you can make your loved one feel at home at The Meadows at Country Place. Talk with the staff. They are good at this. And, they just might have the simplest suggestion which would spark your own creative solution.

It might take some time for your loved to get used to the surroundings at their new home in a senior care center. With your commitment and the staff’s care, however, they can soon feel completely relaxed. To get you started, here are four ideas we might suggest for making the room extra cozy:

Familiar Environment

Bring in several of their favorite items to brighten up the room. Maybe they have a favorite pillow that fits their back just right or a collection of figurines from a set that they received from someone important many years ago. Your loved one should settle in much faster if the room is to their liking.


Surround your loved one with an assortment of family pictures. Find some of their favorite photographs of their parents, kids, and grandchildren, and bring them into the senior care center. Having photos in the room will help smooth out the transition, especially if you can’t be with them all the time.


Holiday and other special occasion celebrations will change with a loved one staying at a senior care center, so make it a point to create new traditions as you bring the celebration to them! For example, you can brighten up their day when you bring in appropriate decorations for their room and/or favorite delicious treats for them to enjoy.


Sometimes all that’s needed is a soothing salt lamp or soft blanket to create a calming atmosphere in an unfamiliar room. If you know the best way to help your loved one relax, gather up the supplies and bring them in as soon as you can. If you’re unsure, find out. A good book, or audiobook, crossword puzzles, magazines or their favorite kind of music can all stimulate happy engagement in the present moment in the new environment.

In the end, your efforts toward helping them feel at home will mean a huge difference during the transition into their new home.