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How to Obtain Ideal 24-Hour Care for Your Loved One

If you have a loved one who needs 24-hour care, it can present significant challenges for you and your family. Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself falling short of providing the consistent support your loved one needs.

The experts at The Meadows at Country Place—an assisted living facility based in Sacramento, CA—say this isn’t your fault, and you are not to blame. These specialists say providing 24-hour care for someone in need is more than a task. It’s a full-time job, and it calls for specific skills and experience.

Many people are reluctant to place their loved ones in assisted living facilities for fear that the care they receive will be inferior to the care received at home. However, there are facilities available that go above and beyond to create a warm and nurturing environment for their guests. 24-Hour Care

The Meadows at Country Place is one such facility, and their owners and staff are committed to ensuring that each patient in their care is treated like family. These caretakers are your neighbors and your friends. They genuinely care about you and your family, and their cheerful, upscale facility was created from a desire to provide loving and uplifting support to the souls who are most in need.

Their hearts are in the right place, and they offer more than mere compassion and empathy. Every caretaker on staff has the specialized training needed to provide 24-hour care that is patient and attentive.

Providing around-the-clock support for a loved one in need will take a physical and emotional toll if you handle the responsibility yourself. Turn to the caring specialists at The Meadows of Country Place for support that will chart a happier path for both you and your loved one. Call (916) 706-3949 to speak with a representative in Sacramento, or learn more about the 24-hour care offered at this senior care center by visiting them online.

Assisted Living for Mom & Dad: Making the Transition

Deciding to move your elderly loved one into an assisted living facility is one of the toughest decisions you’ll face as an adult. The senior in your life prides themselves on being independent. How can you convince them to make this big transition? Fortunately, the professional caregivers at The Meadows at Country Place, an assisted living facility in Sacramento, CA, deal with this issue all the time and have some advice.

Here are their recommendations to make the transition easier:

  • Start Early: Don’t be afraid to start a conversation about the future. It’s helpful to bring your own concerns into the mix versus making an elderly loved one feel like a burden. Simply mentioning you are genuinely concerned about their health and safety is a good place to start. Let them know you are on their side and want to help.
  • assisted livingGive Seniors A Choice: If your elderly loved one is upset or resists the idea of moving into an assisted living facility, invite them to join you on a tour. Including them in the process will make them feel like they have a say in their future. Give your beloved senior a choice, and they may be more open to this big change.
  • Include All Family Members: Caregiving is a family affair, and everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to Mom’s or Dad’s health and well-being. It’s helpful to schedule a meeting with your siblings and close relatives to discuss all the available options. That way, when you approach your elderly loved one, you’ll have a supportive and unified message.

The Meadows at Country Place provides 24-hour care for seniors, offering large single or shared living spaces, laundry and housekeeping services, and a salon. There is even an on-site chef who prepares healthy meals and snacks. The compassionate staff members spend quality time with all the residents, helping them with daily activities like eating, personal hygiene, and grooming.

Call (916) 706-3949 to chat with the friendly staff or to schedule a tour of The Meadows at Country Place. For more advice on transitioning your elderly loved one into an assisted living community, visit the senior care facility’s website.

Meet the Owners of Sacramento’s Premier Senior Care Center

The professional caregivers at The Meadows at Country Place in Sacramento, CA, provide senior citizens dedicated Alzheimer’s care. The senior care center truly reflects the compassionate values its owners, Rangi Paula V. Giner and John F. Cimino Jr., hold close to their hearts. Their devotion towards individualized care for seniors comes from their experience in serving the elderly in various capacities.

Senior Care CenterFor both Rangi and John, the inspiration to build a top-tier senior care center came from their respective families. With both her parents affiliated with the medical field, Rangi developed a passion for serving others at a young age. The culmination of these early values led her to choose nursing as her profession, which she has remained associated with for over three decades.

Providing nursing services to senior and intellectually disabled individuals for 10 years, Rangi acquired useful insights into optimal care. However, her true calling for laying the foundation for The Meadows at Country Place came when her aunt Felipa introduced the idea to her. Also having served as a nurse in San Francisco, Felipa funded Rangi’s application for a Conditional Use Permit from the City of Sacramento.

What gave Rangi’s mission further boost was her partnership with John, who previously helmed his parents’ senior care center project. His extensive knowledge of designing and constructing comfortable assisted living centers made him the perfect collaborator to bring Rangi’s dream to fruition. Sharing her heartfelt desire to serve seniors with love and care, he built The Meadows at Country Place as a deluxe facility for 24-hour assistance.

Catering to the needs of elderly, Alzheimer’s, and dementia patients with utmost care, The Meadows at Country Place mirrors genuine compassion and concern in all its services. This is what John and Rangi hoped to achieve when they founded this senior care center to provide unwavering support to their patients. To learn more about them and the facilities they offer, call (916) 706-3949, or visit their website.